Near Max Patch on the Tennessee-North Carolina state line, John Webb (dba Iron John) turns salvaged logs of native timber into functional and beautiful furnishings and fixtures. Works in wood from recent commissions and retail sales are shown below.

Chestnut slab bracket benches for the Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, 2005 (98" L x 24" W x 18" H) (carving by Steve Kelley)
Walnut Tea Table (54"L, 36"W, 20"H)
Walnut/Spalted Cherry Console (64"L, 18"W, 30"H)
Walnut Single-Slab Dining Table (132"L, 40"W, 29"H)
Red Oak Sculpted Bench (61"L,24"W,37"H)
Cherry Bar, NitaNita, Brooklyn
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Walnut Coffee Table (64"L, 40"W, 17"H)